Start Modern Vital Living with a Healthy Nutrition Plan

Start Modern Vital Living with a Healthy Nutrition Plan

Hello beautiful healthy vibrant community!

My primary focus in the office is helping you to become more wave (energy) and less particle (matter). Helping you to unbind patterns in your mind and body, that if left solid turn into disease and dysfunction. We are energy and energy turns into matter. When you are on the network table, you lighten up and remember; you start to breathe and move; feel and heal; you become less solid creating a wave motion within your body. During this phenomena, you release energy and become more energized, allowing you to feel better and get better.

How Can You Share Your Gifts With The World?

How Can You Share Your Gifts With The World?

Hello beautiful stars!

Continuing the theme from the previous blog post, I am including this glorious clip from The Greatest Showman. In this clip a talented, but insecure and unknown woman claims her greatness. She harnesses her story through emotion and claims her soul. The result of her surrendering has touched and moved millions of people around the world.

Why You Feel Better After a Network Session

Why You Feel Better After a Network Session

In my previous blog post, I shared a teaching from Marianne Williamson:

The state of your body - your inner landscape - matches the state of our outer landscape.

It makes sense to us on the spiritual level that if we find peace within, we will achieve peace without. However, on a human level, we often get caught up with the external world and all the messiness that comes with it: “How can I stop and meditate right now? Do you really think I have time to go to a 12-step meeting with everything that is going on? The gym will have to wait. Oh, I really miss my chiropractor BUT......” It is often in the times when we most need to find peace in our body-mind that we refuse to give it to ourselves.

The Great Awakening with Marianne Williamson

The Great Awakening with Marianne Williamson

About 7 years ago in the SoHo office a beautiful woman named Isabel gifted me a book by Marianne Williamson titled A Return to Love. This book changed my life and like Oprah, I too continue to gift this book to loved ones. I subscribed to Marianne's livestreams and received both the education of a lifetime and inner peace started entering my life.

Some time later, Marianne moved to NYC and I was overjoyed to be able to see her live each week in the East Village. At one of her first events, my friend and Connected Spine community member, Dr. Anna Yusim (author of Fulfilled), stood in line to meet Marianne for the first time. In this line it came to me that Marianne had taught me how to communicate with all of you.

DoTerra Weekly Drops of Wisdom - Clove Oil

Clove Oil

Have you tried dōTERRA Clove oil yet? If not, you are missing out! This unique oil has a variety of uses including cleaning the gums and teeth, providing a warming massage, adding flavor to desserts and other dishes—the list goes on and on. The warm, spicy scent of Clove makes it very powerful and invigorating, and a good addition to a diffuser blend, especially in the fall and winter seasons. Whether you are looking for an essential oil that can provide a soothing massage, improve your oral hygiene, spice up your meals, or provide internal benefits*, Clove oil is a must-have for your essential oil collection. Learn more about Clove oil by visiting the Clove product information page:

Breaking new ground for long-term health and wellness

"Network Spinal Analysis, developed by Donald M. Epstein, D.C.,1 is an approach to health and wellness utilizing long standing chiropractic methods and employing certain principles of quantum mechanics 2, neuroanatomy, and neurophysiology, 3, 4, 5 psychoneuroimmunology 4, and changing perspectives in health care." 5, 8

It is founded on the premise that individuals free from the complex of factors precipitating from, or leading to vertebral subluxations, experience a greater range of inherent adaptability and hence, a greater sense of relative health or wellness.

How I Overcame Anxiety With Network Spinal Analysis

I used to feel like I was living in a nightmare.

I used to suffer with anxiety all the time.

Panic attacks, low self-esteem, feeling lost and like nobody would understand what I was going through became “normal” for me.

Worst of matter what I did, no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work and I felt like there’d never be a day, let alone an hour, where this dark cloud would stop following me.

It all really happened one morning during Oktoberfest.

Dr Suzanne 2015 Brain Blog

Dr Suzanne 2015 Brain Blog

I recently found out that Steve Jobs took one week a month sans computers, phones, and devices of any sort. He did this so that he could create the space to read and think. 

It is magnificent practice and so so so important. All the brain science coming out today is saying there is no such thing as multitasking.  There is only distraction. This is why we have ADD and ADHD. There is more data coming at us moment to moment then man has ever had to deal with over large spans of time.

I have emailed you in the past and asked you to take the 2 block challenge.  Today, I am asking you to take the cafe challenge.

Which direction are you moving in?

 Which direction are you moving in?

ONE Direction - Ha this isn't a newsletter about a boy band. It is about your life! Which direction are you moving in? In the office one of the ways that I approach your care is through the magic lens of THE FOUR SACRED SEASONS: Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate.

Today I want to stimulate your mindbody with a nugget about Discover and Transform... 

Getting Introduced to Connected Spine

This is your opportunity to bring your friends and family and introduce them to Dr. Suzanne. Show them what it is that has you so excited and vibrant! 

Dr. Suzanne will give a short workshop illuminating the many benefits of care and how this work can effectively transform your life.  She will also be taking you through some SRI (somato respiratory integration) techniques that you can take home with you and implement into your daily healthy routine.  

Please RSVP by Nov. 4th with the names of the lucky guests you will be bringing. Any guest that signs up for a consultation that evening will get $50 off and you will get a complimentary entrainment. Thank you in advance for paying it forward and sharing the love! 

How Network Changed My Life- Dr Suzanne

During a meditation this morning, I went back to a challenging time in my life, an event that I needed to overcome.  I watched this event like an angel above.  I realized that for many many years after this event, I didn't even know that I needed help. I didn't know that I changed that day and I had forgotten who I was before the assault. 

A survival technique humans have is to forget pain...

Autism and NYC nervous system Overwhelm

Have you seen the movie Temple Grandin?  It is an outstanding film based on the experiences of an autistic girl who overcomes great hurdles to thrive in society.  It got me thinking about a seminar I took with the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association a few years ago.  We were studying sensory integration, how we as human beings take in and process information.  The presenting doctor gave a particularly vivid and telling description of what it was like to exist on the autism spectrum (Autism, Asperger's, ADD, ADHD...)

He painted a picture...

ADHD and Back To School

September is a transformative time.  We reorganize our schedules and create structure for our lives as we enter the season of Fall. As part of my role as an educator in your lives, I have put together some timely information to assist in this process.  I hope you find the information useful.

About Taking Your Life Back- FREAK OUT

Are you living an energy poor life? I give you permission to FREAK OUT 

If you are in an energy poor state your systems are breaking down.  Your survivor is running the show.  The survivors job is to keep you alive!  She has no interest in bringing you joy, abundance, freedom, expansion or love.  If the survivor is in charge of your life everything is getting smaller and more painful. All your available energy is going towards keeping it together.  Unless you are in danger this strategy is not the best choice for living life.  

Healing Yourself Can Be Brave And Be Far Reaching

This past week I was at a family reunion. It was the first one organized in my lifetime and it was amazing!!  As I looked around the room of freckle faced, light skinned, light eyed semi clones that had gathered from all over the country, it got me thinking about interconnectedness on a new level.  Just how closely tied to the generations that came before us and the generations of the future are we?  Questions like that one, led me to a fascinating website by Dr. Judith Rich about healing for 7 generations.