New Patients

Your first visit is 60-75 minutes with Dr.  Suzanne and will consist of a consultation, evaluation, and treatment. This will help establish a baseline for your functional neurology, as well as begin exploring your energetic strategies and patterns. Please fill out your health history form at least 24 hours before your appointment so she can be fully prepared and present with you. Please take a good 15-30 minutes in a quiet place to fill out these forms. You may find the questions different from any doctors office form you have filled out before.




Group Sessions


This is a specific low-force chiropractic technique designed to encourage your nervous system to leave fight and flight and find rest and digest. In rest and digest your body has the internal capacity to heal. Asking your body to heal itself while it is in a state of fight or flight is like talking to a brick wall. This is why entrainments are so powerful, once the brick wall starts to soften, the nerve energy can be transmitted to the body parts that were on the other side of the wall and they can return to a state of function and ease (versus dis-function or dis-ease).

Private Sessions


40 minute private sessions are ideal for patients that have had a recent life altering physical, emotional or chemical stress.  A returning practice member that has been away more than 8 weeks.  As a check in every 6-12 entrainment sessions.  Dr. Suzanne really enjoys seeing people privately. The one on one time always results in a powerful deepening of connection for the doctor and the patient as well as for the patients personal interconnectedness and well being.  

Pregnancy Care


Following a care plan with Dr Suzanne during your pregnancy has proven to reduce labor times thus reducing the chances of medical interventions. Dr. Suzanne is certified in Webster Technique. She loves helping women enjoy their pregnancy. During pregnancy the mindbody is going through a lot of changes. It is these times of change where we need to take care of ourselves. Utilizing Network Spinal Analysis and Webster technique to encourage the body to flow with all these changes has been shown to make it a more peaceful and a less stressful pregnancy and birth process.

Pediatric Care


A child’s nervous system is connecting and developing at a rapid rate. You want these connections to be strong and healthy. Helping to guide and strengthen a child’s nervous system, leads to a healthy, highly functional adolescent and adult who can handle stress (mental, physical and chemical). Receiving regular chiropractic entrainments from birth strengthens every system in your child’s being. When you adjust a child you encourage a healthy internal system and may avoid developing common modern afflictions like food allergies, asthma, ADD and disorders related to the autistic spectrum. If you chose to have your child vaccinated Dr. Suzanne highly recommends that you bring your child in before and after to help integrate the chemical effects of this process. 

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